Don Shaw Claims 2015 Fall Classic Title

Alexandria, MN — For the past number of seasons, race teams from around WISSOTA land have converged on the Viking Speedway for the annual Fall Classic. This year marked the 12th annual Viking Fall Classic presented by Shaw Trucking, GRP Motorspots, and Extreme Auto and Gas. When the dust settled this year, Ham Lake, MN driver, Don Shaw, who has a history of performing well during the Viking Fall Classic, used an early race pass and went on to dominate the WISSOTA Late Model feature on Saturday night. Shaw, who picked up his sixth career Fall Classic win, picked up $4000 for his efforts. Other drivers who added their names to the Fall Classic Hall of Champions included, Jordan Tollakson in the WISSOTA Street Stocks, Tyler Peterson in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, Dustin Zieske in the WISSOTA Mod Fours, Tim Johnson in the WISSOTA Super Stocks, and Seth Brede capped off an incredible weekend with a Fall Classic WISSOTA Modified feature win.

Tim Johnson and Ryan Satter sat on the front row for the twenty eight car WISSOTA Street Stock feature event. Johnson, who was the Viking track champion in 2015, jumped to the early lead, while Satter came under seige from fifth starting Jordan Tollakson. Satter who couldn’t find any bite on the high side of the speedway, began to slip back, as Johnson led Tollakson, Justin Pogones, and Ryan Pommerer. The first caution of the event flew over the track only six laps into the event for a multi car incident. With the field lined back up, Johnson raced back into the lead with Tollakson in hot pursuit. Near the midway point of the race, last year’s Fall Classic champion, Justin Vogel raced his way into the fifth spot. As the laps continued to tick down, Johnson and Tollakson were locked in a heated battle for the lead, with Tollakson looking for a way around Johnson. As the leaders passed the stripe with two laps remaining, Tollakson raced to the outside of the speedway and pulled even with Johnson in turn two. After the duo raced side by side into turn three, Tollakson emerged as the leader as the duo took the white flag. Johnson looked to the inside of Tollakson in turn one, it was clear that Tollakson was the class of the field, as he raced to the Fall Classic win. Johnson was second, Pogones third, Pommerer fourth, and Vogel rounded out the top five.

Tyler Peterson and Kelly Haack paced the twenty five car WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature to the green. Haack, who looked strong in the second half of 2015, jumped out to the early lead with Peterson in tow. Peterson was quickly joined by Jamie Thorstad and a battle ensued for the second spot. The caution flew over the speedway only two laps into the twenty lap event, for Travis Saurer, who suffered an engine issue and he came to rest over the banking in turn four. With the field reset, Haack once again jumped to the lead while Peterson settled into the number two spot. On the following lap, Thorstad got too high on the track and slipped towards the rear of the field. Back up front, Haack continued to lead while Peterson worked to find a way around him. Behind the leaders, Blake Swenson and Jason Vandekamp moved into the third and fourth spots, when the caution flew for debris on the speedway with only ten laps remaining. On the restart, Haack’s machine got loose sending him sliding back to the sixth spot, and handing the lead to Peterson. Behind Peterson, Vandekamp moved into the second spot and Swenson settled into the third spot. As the laps ticked down it was clear that no one had anything for Peterson as he cruised to the win. Vandekamp was second, Swenson third, David Carlson fourth, and Justin Froemming rounded out the top five.

Twenty four WISSOTA Late Models rumbled onto the speedway next for their 40 lap main event. Matt Aukland and Cole Schill manned the front row of the star studded event. Head flagman, Mike Blom, brought the field to life and third starting Don Shaw quickly raced by the front row starters into the lead, with Aukland in the second spot. Shaw, who has been blistering fast at Viking this season, began to open up a large lead over Aukland, John Kaanta, Lance Matthees, and Pat Doar. As the leaders began to enter lap traffic around lap ten, Aukland began to cut into Shaw’s lead. Meanwhile, back in traffic, the man on the move was Jeff Wildung. Wildung, who started tenth, cracked the top five only fifteen laps into the event and began to put heavy pressure on Doar for the fourth spot. Wildung was able to complete the pass in lap traffic and quickly raced up to challenge Kaanta for the third spot. Wildung was able to complete that pass on lap twenty one. Back up front Shaw was able to clear the lap traffic and once again raced to a large lead over Aukland, who was searching for a way through the lap cars. The first caution of the event would fly over the speedway with only twelve laps left on the board. On the restart, Shaw blasted to the lead, while Wildung began to pressure Aukland for second. Wildung was able to complete the pass on the following lap and began to search for a way to reel in race long leader, Shaw. As the laps ticked down, Shaw continued to stretch his lead and he raced to the win, his sixth career Fall Classic win. Wildung was second, Aukland third, Doar fourth, and Kaanta fifth.

Tim Johnson and Bryan Hellerman shared row one for the twenty four car WISSOTA Super Stock main event. Johnson raced out to the early race lead, while Hellerman was quickly overcome by Don Shaw who raced into the second spot. With Johnson and Shaw comfortably in the top two spots, Hellerman was locked in a battle with Dave Mass for the third spot. Mass was able to move by Hellerman just a few laps later and began to look to join the party for the top spot. Mass quickly got to the inside of Shaw and moved by him before the yellow would fly with thirteen to go. On the restart, Mass chose the lowside of the track for the double file restart. Johnson jumped back to the lead, but as Mass and Shaw entered turn one, Shaw’s machine drove up and over the banking, bringing out the caution once more. Shaw would retire pitside with mechanical issues, and Johnson led Mass and Hellerman to the line for another restart. Once again, Johnson moved into the lead, with Mass hot on his heels. With the leaders running bumper to bumper, the main battle on the speedway was for the fourth spot with Dominic Baker and Matt Miller battling side by side for position. Back up front, Johnson continued to hold Mass off and he raced to his first career Super Stock Fall Classic win. Mass was second, Ben Wolden third, Baker fourth, and Miller fifth.

Fourteen WISSOTA Mod Fours rolled on the speedway next for their Fall Classic main event. Brennan Gave and Dean Larson sat on the front row and Larson wasted no time moving into the lead, in search of the Fall Classic title. With Larson up front, Brandon Lindquist and Dustin Zieske began to battle for the second spot. The caution would fly for the only time in the race with eleven laps to go. On the restart, Zieske wasted no time blasting to the low side of the track in order to race by Larson, into the lead. Zieske, driving a borrowed car for the weekend, began to stretch his lead while Larson began to battle with his son Tyler for the second spot. Back up front it was all Zieske, as he cruised to the win. Dean Larson was second, Tyler Larson third, Robert Holtquist fourth, and Brandon Lindquist fifth.

The final event of the Fall Classic weekend belonged to the high powered WISSOTA Modifieds. Seth Brede, fresh of his $11,000 mod nationals feature win, and Brady Gerdes sat on row one for the the 30 lap shootout. Brede, picked up right where he left off on Friday night, and he bolted into to the lead with Gerdes in the second spot. Only two laps into the event, the field was slowed by a caution for Josh Thoennes, who broke on the exit of turn two. With the green back out, Brede jumped to the high side of the track, into the lead, while Blake Jegtvig and Tim Johnson moved into the second and third spots. With the top three running out front, Jake Hartung and Matt Gilbertson were able to work their way around Gerdes into the fourth and fifth spots. The caution would once again blink on over the speedway only ten laps into the event with Brede leading Johnson and Jegtvig. On the restart, Johnson raced to the low side of the track and moved into second while Jegtvig began to battle with Gilbertson for the third spot. Gilbertson was able to make the pass on the following lap and moved up to challenge Johnson for the second spot. With only seven laps to go, Gilbertson moved into the number two spot and began to cut into Brede’s large lead lap after lap. As the white flag waved over the track, Gilbertson raced up towards Brede’s back bumper. Gilbertson was unable to put any real pressure on Brede, and he capped off an incredible weekend, as Brede picked up the Fall Classic win. Gilbertson was second, Johnson third, Jegtvig fourth, and Hartung rounded out the top five.

The staff at FYE Motorspots and Viking Speedway would like to thank everyone who helped make the 12th Annual Fall Classic a success. As we head into the offseason, you may keep up with any Viking Speedway news by visiting them online at or “like” the track on Facebook. For more information regarding FYE Motorsports events please visit them online at or “like” FYE Motorsports on Facebook.


WISSOTA Late Models:

Feature: Don Shaw, Jeff Wildung, Matt Aukland, Pat Doar, John Kaanta, Cody Skytland, Dustin Strand, Lance Matthees, Marshall Fegers, Shawn Kirwin, Cole Schill, Rick Schroeder, Matt Gilbertson, Zach Johnson, Corey Nelson, Brad Parson, Travis Budisalovich, Clarence Washburn, Scott Lehn, Robert Odegard, Rob Lynch, Adam Fischer, Chris Winter, Blake Jegtvig

Heat 1: Kaanta, Doar, Wildung, Kirwin, Odegard, Schroeder, Jegtvig, Lynch

Heat 2: Schill, Gilbertson, Aukland, Budisalovich, Fischer, Nelson, Lehn, Winter

Heat 3: Shaw, Skytland, Matthees, Fegers, Strand, Johnson, Parson, Washburn

WISSOTA Modifieds:

Feature: Seth Brede, Matt Gilbertson, Tim Johnson, Blake Jegtvig, Jake Hartung, Jason Thoennes, Dave Cain, Dustin Bitzan, Scot Danzeisen, Danny Bayer, Don Eischens, Jason Vandekamp, Mike Stearns, Cory Tammen, Mark Noble, Jesse Glenz, Zach Johnson, Jeremy Nelson, Corky Thomas, Brian Haben, Brandon Aggen, Brett Hoium, Tyler Peterson, Brady Gerdes, Josh Thoennes

Bmain 1: Vandekamp, Stearns, Z. Johnson, Hayden Hanson, Dustin Wahl, Dan Ebert, Mike Storck, Shaun Peterson, Terry Engebretson, Dustin Bluhm, Chris Mensen, Scott Greer, Peter Loecken, Jason Blascyk

Bmain 2: Hoium, Thomas, Aggen, Haben, Scott Tofte, Arne Anderson, Travis Saurer, Aaron Olson, Tim Alexander, Jeff Flaten, Gary Reents, Jay Richardson, Matt Leer, Jeff Wildung

Heat 1: T. Johnson, Ja. Thoennes, Jo. Thoennes, Tofte, Thomas, Flaten, Mensen, S. Peterson, Loecken, Wildung

Heat 2: T. Peterson, Brede, Nelson, Bayer, Hoium, Storck, Richardson, Anderson, Leer

Heat 3: Cain, Hartung, Eischens, Stearns, Z. Johnson, Olson, Aggen, Engerbretson, Hanson

Heat 4: Bitzan, Gerdes, Noble, Tammen, Wahl, Bluhm, Blascyk, Reents, Saurer

Heat 5: Gilbertson, Jegtvig, Glenz, Danzeisen, Vandekamp, Haben, Greer, Alexander, Ebert

WISSOTA Super Stocks:

Feature: Tim Johnson, Dave Mass, Ben Wolden, Dominic Baker, Matt Miller, William Lund, Tyler Vanderby, Jason Cook, Jon Stepan, Kurt Becken, Christopher Lynch, Alex Wolff, Kevin Salin, Dylan Nelson, Trent Brutger, Allan Cleveland, Scott Lawrence, Jeff Flaten, Bryan Hellerman, Don Shaw, Mike Peterson, Donnie Lofdahl, Jeff Kluver, Jeremy Tyson

Heat 1: Johnson, Shaw, Lund, Lawrence, Nelson, Salin, Lynch, Peterson

Heat 2: Mass, Stepan, Vanderby, Baker, Wolff, Lofdahl, Kluver, Cleveland

Heat 3: Hellerman, Miller, Wolden, Flaten, Brutger, Becken, Cook, Tyson

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:

Feature: Tyler Peterson, Jason Vandekamp, Blake Swenson, David Carlson, Justin Froemming, Kelly Haack, Shawn Olson, William Lund, Jason Hoffman, Grant Hall, Jamie Thorstad, Haley Lee, Josh Muzik, Matt Thoennes, Brian Kakela, McKenzie Gerdes, Austin Hunter, Blake Boelens, Tony Caissie, Brooke Hellerman, Shane Howell, Ron Saurer, Travis Saurer, Brock Gronwold, Jeremy Kerzman

Bmain 1: R. Saurer, Olson, Lund, Jon Stepan, Corey Storck, Andrew Hulstein, Scott Tofte, Dave Mass, Terry Merten

Bmain 2: Kakela, Hunter, Kerzman, Ashley Mehrwerth, Mckenzie Gerdes, Chris VanMil, Sam Zender, Corey Bruggeman, Kyle Reents

Heat 1: Haack, Boelens, Thoennes, Hellerman, Muzik, Hoffman, Mehrwerth, Storck, Stepan

Heat 2: Carlson, Peterson, Vandekamp, Froemming, R. Saurer, VanMil, Tofte, Reents, Hunter

Heat 3: Thorstad, Hall, Howell, Caissie, Bruggeman, Gerdes, Kerzman, Mass, Hustein

Heat 4: T. Saurer, Lee, Gronwold, Swenson, Lund, Olson, Merten, Zender, Kakela

WISSOTA Steet Stocks:

Feature: Jordan Tollakson, Tim Johnson, Justin Pogones, Ryan Pommerer, Justin Vogel, Durand Peterson, Ryan Satter, Kyle Dykhoff, Andrew Bangsund, Mark Blom, Jim Williams, Jordan Fisher, John Adams, Kelly Hoerner, Ethan Liams, Tami Naslund, Cory Dykhoff, Scott Huston, Brendan Scott, Eric Riley, Tyler Erdman, Robert Petroff, Brandon Fah, Justin Tammen, Adam Burrows, Brian Oehlert, Bruce Lundin, Brett Miller

Heat 1: Tollakson, Adams, Satter, Scott, Erdman, Fisher, Huston, Hoerner, Miller, K. Dykhoff

Heat 2: Johnson, Riley, C. Dykhoff, Naslund, Williams, Burrows, Oehlert, Tammen, Lundin

Heat 3: Pogones, Pommerer, Vogel, Petroff, Blom, Peterson, Fah, Liams, Bangsund


Feature: Dustin Zieske, Dean Larson, Tyler Larson, Robert Holtquist, Brandon Lindquist, Dustin Holtquist, Brandon Ferris, Brennan Gave, Laramie Peker, Mike Christanson, Myron Flickinger, Josh Gebhart, Forrest Foster, Cody Jacobson

Heat 1: T. Larson, D. Larson, Gave, Peker, Zieske, Flickinger, Gebhart

Heat 2: Lindquist, R. Holtquist, Jacobson, Ferris, Foster, D. Holtquist

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