So Many Stories To Tell

There it was. Sitting right in front of me. Jefferson Speedway. At first all I saw was worn asphalt, concrete walls, a lot of fence and some grass. But the longer I stood there, the more my perspective changed. I started to mentally visualize all of the racing that had taken place over the years. The hundreds, even thousands of cars that made lap after lap in hopes to be the first to cross the finish line. I closed my eyes and swore I could actually feel the breeze as cars went flying by.

This is a track where champions are crowned and heroes are born, but this isn’t just about Jefferson Speedway, it’s about every other short track out there, no matter how big or small. As I glanced over at victory lane I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of victors putting on their best smiles as cameras flashed in their eyes. As I continued to make a visual lap, I also saw the demise of those who’s nights were ended early and the defeat hanging on their faces.

I continued to soak up every inch of the race track, something I can honestly say I have never taken the time to do before. I sometimes feel like I’ve experienced everything there is to know about racing throughout my life. But this weekend, I was going to take the time to see if there was something more. Deep down I just know there’s something more. I want to hear behind the noise, see behind the speed. I want to feel the history of the track. The quietness and stillness that carries so many memories. As I stood there, I felt as though the track itself was just longing to talk to someone, to say, “hey, I’ve got so much to say, so many stories to tell.” (don’t worry, I don’t normally here voices in my head;))

I started this blog this morning, but now as I wrap it up, it is the middle of practice. The noise has returned and the sights can’t be missed. Tonight and tomorrow I will be watching from a new perspective. A perspective that I believe will only deepen my passion for short track racing, its history and its future.

Let’s go racing!